The First Installment

Breaking Her Rules: Colt & Krista

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Krista makes a rule to protect her heart, but when she breaks that rule, it becomes the best decision of her life.

“One-percenter” and member of the Demon Horde Motorcycle Club, Colt is still recovering from his ex-girlfriend’s betrayal that sent him to prison. Eager to prove his loyalty to his club, Colt agrees to leave his home in San Bernardino, California and travel to Tacoma, Washington. The Demon Horde wants to patch over the Storm Kings. Colt’s job is to figure out who is stealing the Storm Kings’ money and make sure they are ready to patch into the Demon Horde. He’s focused on his task, until he meets the club’s beautiful bartender, Krista.

Krista is a single-mom who makes extra money turning tricks and pouring whiskeys at the Storm King’s clubhouse. It may be an unconventional job, but at least she makes enough money to provide for her daughter. To protect herself, Krista has made a rule, never get involved with the guys at the club. After being a prostitute, it was easy to follow that rule. Sex loses all of its feeling and meaning – until she meets Colt. As she gets to know the visiting biker, he awakens her body and her heart. Krista can’t resist him, and breaks her rules.

The next morning, Krista realizes he does not know she is a prostitute. She is crushed and it’s obvious from his comments that he would label her as nothing but a whore. Krista is left with a terrible decision. Should she be honest and tell him or continue the deception and experience love until he finds out?

Complete at 55,000 words, BREAKING HER RULES is a sensual motorcycle club romance. It is told in first person with dual points of view.

Breaking Her Rules is the first in a planned trilogy.

The Follow Up

Rules of Law: Skeeter & Miri

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Skeeter, a member of the Demon Horde chapter of Tacoma, Washington, discovers that he has a child. His ex-girlfriend, a meth head, is trying to extort child support for a kid he never knew he had. He doesn’t mind paying, but he wants everything to go through the court system. He wants to make sure he will always be in his son’s life.

Miri, a family lawyer, takes Skeeter’s case against her better judgment. Shaggy haired bikers weren’t her typical clients. But, after seeing him meet his child for the first time, she can’t say no. Despite their growing attraction, Miri tries to keep things professional.

Skeeter’s life went from solitary biker to family man in a single night. He now has a son and is falling hard for his sexy lawyer. But, will his ex-girlfriend take away his child for good? Or, will he and Miri be able to fight to keep their budding family together

The Final Chapter

Rules of War: Rip & Nari

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By the time he was fifteen, Rip knew he had to leave his family’s home. Rip’s new life as a member of the Demon Horde Motorcycle Club was very different than living in a Neo-Nazi compound with his father. Over the years, Rip revels in his new found freedom and makes a life for himself in Tacoma. But, when the club is taking delivery of some imported sports cars at the port, he finds a shipping container, full of refugees.

Nari, wakes up among a pile of bodies, most dead. She is cold, but tries to catch the attention of the men who are picking through the shipping container. A large white man picks her up and gives her a blanket. After weeks crossing the Bering Sea from North Korea, it’s heavenly. Nari feels secure that no one in the United States will learn her secret. In North Korea, she had been a prodigy. A child student in the field of weapons of mass destruction. Now as a grown woman, she tries to hide so that her knowledge and abilities cannot be used to hurt anyone.

Someone is after Nari. Rip is sure of it. No matter where he puts her, they always find her. One of these days, he won’t be able to get to her in time. He needs to find out who is after her and to do that, he needs her to be somewhere safe. So, he takes her to the safest place he knows – his father’s compound.

About the Author

SaHeadshotrah Hall is a writer in the Pacific Northwest. She loves listening to the rain while crafting her next story. As a former domestic violence counselor, she has worked with people from many types of relationships. During her day job as a project manager she focuses on getting to the end of the project, but when writing a romance, it’s all about enjoying the journey.